Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Valletta Collage by Dina..

I have decided to create a collage showing some of the interesting and beautiful photos of Malta's capital city - Valletta. I hope you like it. Good day.


The Salems said...

"Valletta Collage" would make a nice post card of Malta.. i enjoyed looking at all the scenes. Thanx

Dick said...

Hello Dina

Sorry my english is not very good but I try to translate something about the whales. This is not a beached whale they are swimming in the Marsdiep and the Northsea. I say they because there are proberbly 2 or 3 of them. This one was spotted last thursday, it is the fifth time since 2003 there are whales in the Dutch waters, in the 300 years before they have never been seen. The Navy and the rescue brigade tries to return them to open sea. I hope you and your son can understand this. Thank you for visiting my blog.

talj said...

This is a beautiful collage! You live in a very nice place! :o)