Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Feeling hot hot hot!! Feeling hot hot hot !! ole ole ole ole ...... do you know this song? It seems so right to sing it now. We are getting a hot week, someone said this morning that it should cool off a bit by Friday...... we'll see about that. In the meantime here is a photo of some of the local cafes and restaurants, there is more to the left of the photo and will post the continuation of the street on a later post maybe this evening before going to the beach I will take a photo of the whole area. Coming here in the evenings is not as easy to sit down as it is during the day as they are usually all full, and one has to wait for a table.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I like your photo. That only one person is at a table is a testimony to the heat. Looking forward to your other photos

We have hot heat here in Ohio where I live. It is also very humid. And we are supposed to have this heat and humidity only in August but it is here already. We also need rain. Things are very dry. I have to carry water for the wildlife and for the plants and trees.

Abraham Lincoln
Trapping the Japanese Beetle
Brookville Daily Photo

Dina said...

Abraham , you do a real lot for wildlife!! that is so good of you. We get humidity too here and everything is so dry.

Infact because it is so hot during the day, this is why we go to the beach after 4.30p.m 5p.m as the sun wouldn;t be so hot as from 11am until 4pm. and it still would be good to swim.

Beetle said...

Oh Dina,do you have more than 40°C in Malta? I saw in our local news about the extreme heat in Turkey,Greece and south Italy...we have autumn weather in summer right now and the forecast said would be during this week rain :o(

I like yesterday photo specially your daughter and the man behind It's very PERFECT shot, it shows how fun to be on the beach :o)

Waldo Oiseau said...

It looks like the plaza is just waiting for hungry and thirsty guests to arrive!

inspired said...

Raining to flood levels here.. ;o]

Olivier said...

je prefere la plage d'hier ;o) c'etait plus rafraichissant ;o) tu as de la chance, car a Evry, il n'y a que vent et pluie. heureusement que l'on vient de feter l'hiver

I prefer the beach of yesterday ;O) it was more rafraichissant ;O) you have chance, because has Evry, there are only wind and rain. fortunately that one has just celebrated the winter

berzy said...


I don't like the extreme heat at all but your'e making me homesick !!

I can see part of St Phillips Street.

Would a place like Rabat being high up be cooler then Birzebbuga ?

Alifan said...

Could you send some of that sun here please Dina?

Cold and wet, not very Flaming June weather this way...xxx

Peter said...

Yes, as most of the commentators have already said, the heat and the cold seems to very unevenly spread over Europe for the moment!

But, after a hot day, late in the evening, isn't it nice to have a glass or two in a nicely situated bar? (Of course you may have to be back home early and put the kids in bed?)

Dina said...

Alifan , you can have it all if you please !! It's ironic how one wants it and one wants to get rid of it!!

Peter, evenings are what I look forward in the summer. This is how we spend them, I usually go down to the beach at half five, kids and i have a swim or two or three, then hubby comes we get the bbq going a glass of our local wine / beer some friends and we sit and chat while the kids play, until 11pm, then go home shower and sleep! In the summer bedtime is prolonged a bit as it is hard to go to bed at 8pm!!

Beetle, I am glad you liked the photo of yesterday , the man diving is my husband.

Natalya said...

We finally had some sunshine here today!! :o) But nothing as hot as you are getting I'm sure!