Saturday, November 24, 2007

what happened to Dina??

Hello Everyone, thanks for your comments. Somehow my laptop has gone a little bit off from working in good order. I am at the moment using a VERRRRRY slow desktop (my previous pc) which has lately been revived from its rotten state gaining dust on my desk. I would try and upload a post but believe me it is not worth the wait!!!!It takes tooooooooooo long - poor old thing . Also there is no means of a usb port (more than one at the same time I mean) for my camera to be installed :( . So until i go next week to have my laptop checked out professionally (not by me only!!) I will not be able to post, i will however visit your blogs, good day every one.

Well not unless our friend from Qajjenza - marie6 offers to fill in for me until i fix this problem. :)


marie6 said...

Will be glad to. Sorry I didn't realise you weren't posting before today as we had a very busy weekend and I didn't get anywhere near the computer until just now.

Sanctus Belle said...

Dina, hope you can get this fixed soon!