Sunday, October 19, 2008

An award.....

Thanks dearest Isabel for this award. The Kreativ Award, by Isabel from

Now as always with these awards I have to list 6 things, this time that make me happy and 6 bloggers who are worthy of this award.

1. My dear kids.

2. As a family we like to make this 'family hug' and the feeling whilst we are doing it is indescribable.

3. Sometimes (this happens very often) kids jump on me and they start kissing me both at the same time. I feel like I am floating with joy.

4. My sweet husband.

5. Sitting early in the morning drinking tea and reading blogs or a good book.

6. Last but not least I am happy that there's God who loves us and is ready to forgive us (thanks Isabel for pointing this one out!) .

Now here comes the part in which I have to nominate.

Since some already got this, I will just pass it on to the ones that don't have it :

Susan from
Gwyn from and
Mike from


Susan said...

Thanks Dina for the Nomination! Hey that pan in the previous post looks big enough to cook a large family!

Webradio said...

Nice award for You !

Yes, this blog is creative...

Anonymous said...

Loved reading these "6 things"! That is just darling that you kids jump on you and kiss you, and about the family hug! How wonderful! I just love cuddling with and sharing kisses with my kids too. I definitely have to check out this blog more. :)