Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bisazza Street, Sliema

Today I take you shopping. This is one of the busiest streets for shopping in Malta after Valletta of course and Paola. You find a lot of clothes and shoe shops here, down this road is my favourite clothes store.


inspired said...

it looks very very hot ;o]

Dina said...

inspired, it is VERY hot!!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful photograph. I liked the lady too. LOL

I wish, sometimes, we had a big city like this, but then I also like being very small like we are now.

To answer your question about the 4th of July and what we do. We are too old to do much. We used to take our kids (we had five and the oldest is now 51) to various places to watch the 4th of July fireworks displays. Now, we hope they get done soon so we don't have to hear all of the banging sounds.

It is usually a "get together" with friends or family sitting around and eating and some people drink so they would sit around, watch ball games if any are on television, and then they would drink and do things like that and end up watching fireworks.

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Abraham Lincoln
the robins
the Japanese Beetles

Mary aka Canadagirl said...

Oh, thank you for visiting my blog ! I have sooooooooo enjoyed my visit. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. You are very blessed by God.

God Bless
In Him<><
-Mary aka Canadagirl

talj said...

I dont think I could spend time shopping in that heat!! Lovely photo :o)

Tiany said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog, I love your daily pics!!! I will see you tomorrow!

Have a blessed day my new friend! :-)

P.S. Thank you for wishing Mary a happy Birthday!!!!

Peter said...

I guess it's nice to enter into an air-conditioned shop, with your present temperatures (send a few degrees here please)!

I was a bit curious so now I know how to situate Birzebugga, Sliema, Valetta... on the map (thanks Google Earth). Anyhow, small distances between whatever on Malta.

isabella said... long as we can stop somewhere for a cool drink! I am hot ;-)

Wanda said...

Looks so totally inviting...I would really like to go clothes shopping there.

Dina said...

Abraham, Malta as an island is not big so the cities are not that big! Thanks for the 4th of July info.

Talj, I was shopping only for an hour, and had the kids with me . I can tell you that it was hot and we were sweating on our way back to the car park.

Mary, thanks for stopping.

Tiany, so glad you like my blog.

Peter, I can tell you that going into an air-conditioned shop is a relief and it's hard then when we know that we have to go out!!

Isabella, we can stop for drinks of course, there's alot of cafes around.

Wanda, you're welcome to join us :)

Geraldine said...

It does look so unlike Malta, it must be one of the busiest parts of Malta. I wonder if they ever will make it fully pedestrian. That would take a lot of work, since rerouting the traffic from this very busy area is no mean feat!