Thursday, July 26, 2007


First of all, thank you again for all your wonderful and heartfelt comments on my yesterday's post!

Today, I'm posting something totally different. This photo shows a part of the coving we used around the ceiling for our upstairs landing. The difference about it is that instead of buying it readymade, my husband Joe carved it by hand out of limestone (known in maltese as "tal-franka").
I took this photo while the coving was still lying on the floor just before Joe fixed it onto the wall just below the ceiling. Tomorrow I will post a photo of the finised work.


Anonymous said...

Your husband a great job carving the limestone. It is not hard like marble or granite but it is hard and abrasive and that is hard on tools. I used to care in marble and granite and even soft things like slate but no longer do it as I am too old and can't use the hammer and chisels like I once did.

He did a nice job. I will have to remember to come back tomorrow and see it in place.

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berzy said...


Your husband did a fine job. This kind of work takes a lot of time but lovely to look at.

While we were in Malta during 1995-96 we rented a house in Mikiel Abela Street at Qajjenza. A few doors away there was this Maltese guy by name of Ronnie and he was doing this type of stone carving. Very eleborate type of work. He even did complete fireplaces and beautiful stone columns for balconies. I used to spent a fair bit of time watching him work. The tools he used were all home made tools and very strange things to look at.

inspired said...

Kool-look ;o]

Martin Stickland said...

Love that shot of your dad with the girls and what a clevr husband you have to card such a wonderful object!

Peter said...

Wow! That looks like a real fantastic aand professional work! Really impressed!

RUTH said...

How clever your husband is and how special to have coving that's not shop bought. Shall look forward to seeing your next photo.