Monday, August 06, 2007

Garden of Serenity

First of all, thank you all who posted a comment yesterday for my fireworks photos. It is always so encouraging to have feedback on my photos.
Today I'm posting several photos of a public garden which is situated in St.Lucia, a neighbouring village. It is called "The garden of serenity" and it has an oriental style, something totally different to what we are used to seeing in Malta.
I had never been before to see this garden,although it's only 10 mins away by car, but thanks to dailyphoto, I decided to visit and take photos, and I was pleasantly surprised as it is a very beautiful garden and has a totally serene atmosphere, hence the name of this garden.


Olivier said...

il est superbe ce jardin (tres jardin japonais), à Evry dans le centre ville (entoure de grands immeubles) on a aussi un jardin du silence et de la serenite, cela fait du bien de venir s'y reposer et lire un livre

it is superb this garden (very Japanese garden), in Evry in the centre town (surrounds by large buildings) one has also a garden of the silence and serenity, that made of the good come to put back and read a book there

Luke said...

beautiful gardens, nice shots!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I would like to spend time in a garden like that, to sit and relax while watching the world go by is getting to be an hobby of mine..

Abraham Lincoln said...

It does look very serene. I would like blue water better but this is fine too. A very oriental inspired place. Like those I have been in all over Japan. Nice photography.

Abraham Lincoln
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Wanda said...

I love visiting gardens, and only since I became a blogger and camera freak....I see things now, I never saw before...That's so grand. Love the pictures.

Gretchen said...

How beautiful! What a great place that must be to just sit and relax.

RUTH said...

This looks beautiful and the feeling of tranquility comes through so well even in photographs.