Friday, December 08, 2006

Advent wreath!!

Do you have the same tradition with the wreath and the candles, here we light up one each sunday for the four sundays before christmas. What's your tradition?? To be exact the candles have to be purple.


Kate said...

Beautiful candles; we call them Advent Candles in our community.

Jing said...

i like that candles
shanghai daily photo

Peter said...

I'm searching for Bloggers around the world interested in helping spread the word for a rather simple idea:


GG Pops said...

My wife's family are all from Malta and I have been there once. If I could, I'd move there, but I'm afraid that my Maltese wife wouldn't want to now that most of her family has moved to Australia. The Advent wreath is used everywhere in the USA (where I am from). Also, I believe that they use it in Australia.