Thursday, December 07, 2006

School / park

The building behind the big trees there is the primary school of our town and the park is the oldest one in our town we have three more parks now. I used to come to this park when i was a little girl. Used to go to that school too when i was a little girl !!!! Posted by Picasa


alice said...

Our week spent in Malta is so good to remember! Everyone was so nice and helpful (when we were lost, the names are very difficult for us!), your island is so wonderful. I'm very happy to visit your DP.

~tanty~ said...

Looks like a very cool school and it must be a nice memory for you everytime you pass this place :)

Dina said...

tanty, it is a memory and now my daughter goes there so i get to see some of my old teachers everyday !!

Jing said...

the park looks very beautiful, i like those colourful swings(am i right?)

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Dina said...

jing, yes right you are. The swings are old and so is the whole park and they are thinking of doing a more modern one soon.