Thursday, April 24, 2008

Filming in Malta.......

A set has been built at Delimara for the shooting of the ancient Egyptian epic, Agora, based in Roman Egypt in the fourth century AD.

In the movie, Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz plays astrologer-philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria who fights to save the collected wisdom of the ancient world. Her slave Davus (Max Minghella) is torn between his love for his mistress and the possibility of gaining his freedom by joining the rising tide of Christianity.

Directed by the 35-year-old, Oscar-winning director, Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar, the movie is a uniquely European production. Agora, the period drama, is his second English-language film following The Others (2001), starring Nicole Kidman.

Photo and article taken from a local online newspaper


Peter said...

I guess this film will be very different from the peplums some 40-50 years ago!

Tanya said...

Wow, the set will be awesome!