Monday, April 28, 2008

'Il-Girna' (Farmer's hut)

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This is stone shelter, with wall enclosures for organising animals. 'Il-Girna' was also used by the farmer to store in the tools. Construction is mostly truncated cone, with roof of gravel, with capstone on the top.


Sharon said...

Hi dina! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy the pictures youve shared here and enjoyed reading about them. I love to visit other places in the world where I will probably never be privilaged enough to visit. Thanks for sharing.

I read Of Mice and Men not too long ago. It is a thought provoking book, a good read and sad.

~tanty~ said...

I like this farmer's hut. It's cute.
Nice photo Dina.

Dina said...

Oh I can't believe this--you have them too! I hike in the terraced hills around my village and always wondered about the many giren, what in Hebrew we call shomera.
Now you gave me the answer and now with the name of the hut I know what to Google. Thank you!!