Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunset over Birzebbuga no 3

Previously I've already posted a couple of photos in connection with Sunset over the town of Birzebbuga. I took this picture yesterday evening whilst at the beach bbq'ing with some friends (photos on my other blog soon). I like the way the sun is still shinning on the rocks.


PJ said...

In the small photo it has a kind of desert mirage quality. I've bbq'd on beaches many a time and for some reason it always tastes best.

Kris said...

What does one BBQ in Malta? Snags? Or something more exotic?

Dina said...

Kris, bbq is mostly sausages (maltese) and a nice piece of beef, but menu varies alot. plus also side salads like potato salads , fresh salads and pasta or rice salad. Off course for the adults everything goes down with a nice glass of red wine and still water.