Friday, August 15, 2008

Valletta Harbour by night.......

These shots were taken yesterday evening from the Upper Barrakka Gardens (Il-Barrakka ta' Fuq) in Valletta. It offers a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour. The origins of the Upper Barrakka Gardens go back to 1661, when in effect it was a ‘private' garden belonging to the Italian knights.


Carin said...

Great pictures as usual!

I have given this blog an award. Come visit my weblog to see.

Luke Wiley said...

Fireworks. what's the celebration?

Hilda said...

Oh wow, the view looks awesome!

Dina said...

Carin, thanks for the award , will blog about this on tomorrow's post.

Luke, today around the maltese islands a good number of towns and villages are celebrating the feast of the Assumption of St.Mary

Hilda, it is a nice view. I think the lights make it look kind of magical.

Maroushka said...

Hi Dina, it's Maroushka..we met that night :) here i am checking out your page, as promised!
well done and keep it up!
i really like the concept and am gonna share your link on my facebook profile..