Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today I decided to show you how close my town is to the airport/runway. This is a photo which I took from the balcony in my kithcen. The plane is a Lufthansa and coming from Frankfurt main, I had no zoom as I was using my simple camera. The plane is about to land!!!


lynn said...

Great shot but looks almost like it's about to crash into the building. Eek.

Dsole said...

wow... it's really close! so this is noisy uh? i wonder if there are so much traffic air in the night

Dina said...

Not so noisy at night, I think summer is the worse, and when the cargo russian plane comes , that really makes noise...... big noise!!!

~tanty~ said...

Wow, great capture Dina! And a lovely blue sky :)

berzy said...

Hi Dina

I know the location well. The planes are not that noisy, I think the noise from the Freeport at night is more annoying but one gets used to it.

BTW. My brother in law Tony & Maryanne live right there, Wont mention surname, their grown up kids are Clare, Alex and Gabriel.
Surely you know them. Say hello to them.

Kim said...

Dina, what a great shot! I can sure relate, as planes here in Seattle fly low over several neighborhoods on their approach to the airport south of the city. I often photograph them.