Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Zerafa Street - Marsa

I have finally managed to go to Marsa and find Zerafa Street.
Hope this brings good memories Alifan!!!!


Alifan said...

Thank you so much Dina, wow never had cars there in our day... We lived at 121 Zerafa Street looks like a big building near there now, if I remember there was a piece of spare land on the corner..

Will be looking very close at this, and so will Dive who was born there... Thank you again.. you are a star...Memories have come flooding back...

Dina said...

I am so glad these two photos brought good memories !!!

Pat said...

Awww... What a lovely thing for you to do! Nice pic too.

I was looking at the way the big truck is parted!

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dive said...

Thank you Dina for taking the trouble to go all the way over there for Mum and me.
I've not seen this street since I was an infant and so have no memories of it. To see it now, forty-eight years later, is kind of spooky!
Thanks again.

lynn said...

How kind, Dina, of you to do this for my blogging friend Dive. We Daily Photo-ers love getting requests don't we? I'm still searching out one.

LOve your photos on here, goodness i need a holiday!