Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad weather

We are having some bad weather, it's strange weather as it is very windy but not cold!! some of the boats were badly hit by the rough sea, and one was completely capsized.


Bergson said...

superb weather presentation

were the boats turned over with the storm?

Dina said...

bergson, yes the storm caused all this. Some of the boats were pulled out this particular one is still upside down in the sea and will end up either on the sea bed or broken to pieces ( already the storm helped with that) and pulled to shore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina,

We are getting ready to come out to gozo for half term week (sat 20th), the weather looked so lovely but right now we are wondering if it's worth going! Gozo weather say it's going to rain, every single day with temperatures of 16 or 17!

Is it often like this during October? we were led to believe that it was much nicer this time of year.

Fantastic photos by the way!

Dina said...

anonymous, October is usually a nice month , with cool temperatures and nice weather, but it can be risky too and you can get bad weather, which hopefully won;t last long so you should be ok by the 20th.