Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Maltese bread 'Il-Hobz tal-Malti'

Maltese bread: Undoubtedly the Maltese bread, is indeed very good. Today the Maltese bread is still very cheap. Before the bread was sold to customers by a horse-drawn yellow, generally dirty box (carriage). Today the baker comes with his van and roams round the city. You can even pick on yourself, since there is an average of 2 bakeries per village. The ingredients of this bread, remained the same - flour, yeast, water snd a lot of salt, but of course today there is a lot of electric machines which do the work which used to be done by hand. We use stale bread to make the traditional bread pudding. There are many types of Maltese bread include:- tas-salib (of the cross), tas-sikkina (of the knife), the ftira, and tal-kexxun (of the drawer).


Carin said...

MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm delicious! especially after rubbing a tomato over the hobz and covering it with a little oil, salt and pepper!!! That's how I liked it most!

Jilly said...

Fascinating commentary and love the photos. Love bread too!

Anonymous said...

We take a slice of bread and smear butter or jam on it or put a piece of meat on it and call it a sandwich. How do you eat Maltese bread?

Dina said...

Carin, that's how i like maltese bread too.

Jilly glad you liked today's post

Abe, i guess the most common way to eat our bread is by spreading fresh tomato or some like tomato paste , olive oil salt and pepper, capers, sliced olives, tuna mmmmmmmm we call it 'hobz biz-zejt' meaning a bread with oil !!!

berzy said...

I love Maltese ftira. You need to get up early and be first at the bakery cause it sells fast. Also, ftira is best when its warm or very fresh. I cannot find the word in English for ftira.

Maltese Ftira

Ingredients: Maltese bread ftira, olives, Tomato juice, Capers, onions, cheeselet, basil,olive oil, ancoves,letuce.

1)Cut the Ftira in half.
2)Spread the tomato juice all over the ftira.
3)Pour some olive oil.
4)Put the rest of the ingredients in the ftira.

Enjoy the Ftira!!!

Memories:The smell of basil and onions reminds us of the summer in Malta and many Maltese people having fun in the sun shine.The sight of the Maltese lovley sunset seen by the sea.The ftira spreads some joy,love and fun to Maltese people.


berzy said...

This is Maltese ftira bread.

Comes in a size of a medium size plate.

See the ftira * Here *

Sanctus Belle said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Maltese culture and photos