Monday, October 22, 2007

Something different


I will be posting photos of the different stages in building a house here in Malta. These are the first stages of foundations. The house is being built by Laetitia's husband. Photos taken by Laetitia, hope you enjoy them.

I have also been tagged by Lothiane from Oslo daily photo, the tag consists of writing 8 facts about myself, so here it goes.

1. I love learning about other countries and their cultures.
2. I like coffee.
3. I have an addiction : I cannot stop looking for cheap flights on the internet so that I can go abroad :)
4. I like to read and blog.
5. I like to meet new people.
6. I like to help when possible.
7. mmmm I love pizza and a good apple pie, anything good that has to do with pastries really sweet or savoury.
8. Last but not least I love spending time with my family :)
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Peter said...

How many episodes can we expect? It take how many weeks to build a house of this type?

Dina said...

Peter, the episodes won't be after each other off course but i will try and show half way then shell finished then all finished. said...

grazie di mostrarci le bellezze ed i lavori di Malta
un saluto dalla fredda Svizzera