Friday, October 19, 2007

Grand Harbour Hotel - Valletta

Grand Harbour Hotel is located in Valletta, it has 25 rooms on seven storeys. I will show you in the following posts some of the views from this Hotel.

Photo taken by Laetitia


travelphilippines said...

wow so gorgeous. is it expensive also?

Peter said...

I suppose they have a lift?

Dina said...

Peter, they do have lifts yes and I do not know what are the prices but if one wants to check you can google grand harbour hotel malta and will have an idea .

GMG said...

Loved to see the stone work posts!
Now, 25 rooms in seven floors is a bit odd for a hotel... ;) quite the opposite of the Phoenicia! But it seems there are some new fabulous hotels in Malta nowadays.
Have a great weekend Dina.

Dina said...

gmg, this hotel is done up in a very old building.