Saturday, September 30, 2006

Seafront playground

One of the local playgrounds, this is situated near the sandy beach and by the main front , in the summer evenings it is packed with children, they have just removed the merry-go-round from the centre and everyone hopes it will be sorted soon as it is a little bit dangerous, especially for the very little ones.

Seabreeze Hotel

This is a local small hotel, which is very much in use, it's small, clean and it is run by a family.

Freeport Terminal offices

This building is the building for the offices of the container terminal.

Freeport Terminal - Malta

This is the container terminal in Malta it's getting bigger as time goes by. (I don't really like this as it is such an eyesore )

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Peace Lab

AFter taking my kids to a park in a nearby town I stopped infront of this building to take a picture. This is what they call the peace lab, it used to be a nice weekend retreat for teenagers , I do not know if they do it anymore, will have to find out and maybe post some more.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

xlendi bay gozo

Internet connection

I have switched internet services and it took them four days to do it , would you believe it?????? WEll now I am back on line so hopefully I will be able to add new posts on my blog , I have to take some pictures first of course. My daughter started school this week so I was preoccupied with sorting her stationery and books. I hope you have enjoyed the Gozo pictures I might add some more of gozo for now.

Power Station

This is the malta power station and it is found in Delimara, southern part of Malta.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Xlendi Bay - Gozo

This is one of the nice bays in gozo, it is set really nice and they have good ice cream too!!!

gozo harbour

This is the gozo harbour pictures taken whilst we where still on the ferry.

Cirkewwa Harbour

This is the gozo ferry harbour, the first picture was taken from a bit far as we where approaching the ferry and you can see the ferry crossing , the trip from malta to gozo takes only 25 minutes on the ferry , it's fun for the children to go on the ferry . Gozo is a small island which makes part of the maltese islands.


Mdina is the old capital city of malta , it's a lovely old town with roman style architecture and it's a very queit city, it's lovely to visit both by day and night. Also standing in the middle of the city there is a lovely cathedral. I took this photo from bypass road on our way to the gozo ferry.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blue grotto

I had a lot of errands today and could not take any new photos so I decided to post this photo which I took on a boat trip I took with my two children and my cousin last July, this is one of a group of caves. I shall post more photos and information about this place.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today wasn't a day for the beach , it was nice and cool so I thought I'd take the kids to a playground, and they had fun climbing the frames and sliding!! This playground is much bigger there are the swings further up and a merrygo round too, oh and there's also a climbing frame which is a bit too dangerous for my little one.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lovely Sky

Yesterday we had thunderstorm early in the morning and today we have this beautiful sky................. I guess it's beach business as usual today!!! talk to you tomorrow have a nice Sunday

A bit of grey sky

We had a bad thunder storm early yesterday morning , lasted less than an hour, but the sky still looked grey and thundery by mid morning! Everything changed by the afternoon as me and my kids where on the beach playing in nice warm weather and blue sky!!!

Houses of Character (old houses)

Well I will show you slowly but surely, the lovely old houses that are being restored and lived in here in Malta, these houses are full of lovely features inside and outside too.

Fields in Malta

Maltese fields. This is how most of the fields look in the summer , very brown and dry this is because of the hot summers. I shall take more photos of the same area in the winter and you can see the difference in colours.

Pretty Bay!

Pretty Bay, B'Bugia, I took the photo standing in the middle of it so it has a bit more beach to it. In the months of july and august this beach is full on saturdays especially in the evenings as people do bbq's. BBQ's are very popular in the summer and you can see them everywhere around the maltese coastline! I'm not a professional photographer ok!!! I just like to take pictures

Saturday, September 16, 2006

tough plants!!!

Malta is a small island in the middle of the mediterranean... (for those of you who don't know!) The climate here is mild to hot , we have hot summers..... very hot!!! and mild winters, even though I must say it has been rather wet the last winter........ anyway these plants are though survivors they live with hardly any water and the one with the green oval shaped Petals makes this fruit called 'bajtar tax-xewk' Prickly Pears , they are very tasty but one has to be carefull on how to cut them from the tree as they are rather prickly!!