Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bye Bye Southend

Southend guest house has been part of the 'xatt' (promenade) facade for as long as I remember and that is a good twenty years for sure. Anyways for all of you out there who remember this building it is now being demolished to be replaced by another building so far the rumours are either a nursing home for the elderly or a guest house again.


* berzy * said...

Well, thats a bit of a surprise. The Site was always called The Claridge Hotel Site. Before WW2 they used to have dancing on the 1st floor and lots of lights. During WW2 it became the RAF Sgts mess / cookhouse. During 1946 it was back as a Hotel and that year I went to a wedding reception. It was knocked down c1972 and the Southend Guesthouse was built. The place had a lot of history. It may end up a 6 story guesthouse again.


fiasco said...

It's a shame to see something with so much history get demolished.

* berzy * said...

Please lets us know what type of a building it is going to be.

Maybe you can post another photo.

T said...

It's a hotel