Friday, February 23, 2007

Office of the Prime Minister

This building is found in Valletta and is the office of the Prime Minister. It is a very old building.


Alifan said...

Thanks for that Dina, remember that well..... still waiting for some of Marsa!!!!!

Dina said...

alifan, i haven't forgotten the marsa photos, i just need to find some time to go, hope you enjoy my next photo.

* berzy * said...

Nice photo of Castille Place Dina.
I know the place very well. Back in 1995 while I was in Malta I went to Valletta by bus. Got there about 10.30am As I got off the bus the bus drivers were having a meeting and shortly after they decided to go on strike. So they got into their empty buses and all went home. Not a single bus remained at City Gate.

I went to the shops and at about 1pm walked to Castille Place and phoned my family at Bbuga to come and pick me up.

I ended up waiting two and a half hours standing by the steps of the building. It was a cloudy day and very humid. So I spent all that time waiting and studying every window of that beautiful building. At that time renovations were being carried out on the building so I ended having having a chat with the workmen.