Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ghaxaq Parish Church

Details of the Ghaxaq parish church can be found on these websites: and

photo taken by Laetitia


Anonymous said...

I am somewhat amazed that so many pictures from what we call, "overseas," show buildings with lights ablaze. I can't remember ever seeing a church lit up here in this country around where I live. Maybe in the larger cities. It makes the visits much more interesting to me to be able to see how different we are.

I wanted to describe the White Porcelain Duck I photographed this morning. I did put a picture of it on my Birds Blog as it is a new species I think.

GMG said...

Great picture! Glad to see you back Laeticia!
Have a great week!

Sanctus Belle said...

Always love the pictures of old churches. The parishes in Malta are gorgeous!

Anonymous said... and

More details about this amazing church and its Titular feast dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, also during the festive week(9th to 15th August) it is wonderfully lit and fully decorated both internally and also the facade. Not worth missing Ghaxaq's main feast on the 15h of August!!