Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birzebbuga Scouts Group Building

Sometime in 1943/44 Oscar Borg started the group. The first Scout meeting was held in 'Zebra Street' in the back section of what used to be the government school, which nowadays is the Seebreeze Hotel. If you would like to know more visit their website : There in the group page you will see some photos of our dear friend William who lives in Melbourne, Australia.


GMG said...

Blog reading level? Genius! I'm flattered... ;))
Have a great week!

TDC said...

rlzxqevkHi Dina

Thanks for posting these pics of the new Bbuga Scouts HQ.

I think I know that location pretty well. This is an excellent location for the Group and hoping it shall remain their home for many years. There's a fair bit of history attached to that building.

Good luck to the Group.

TDC said...

TDC is William


Sanctus Belle said...

Beautiful Maltese architecture once again!

Anonymous said...