Sunday, February 17, 2008


Pembroke origins date back to the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem. They built two towers along this coast. The British Service built Barracks here that where named after their patron St. George and also St. Patrick and St.Andrew, Ireland and Scotland's Patrons respectively.

The Big clock that you see on the tower was built in 1903 and is part of what is known the 'old guard room'.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday.


Anonymous said...

This place has an interesting history! great photos!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I like the color in the photo.

~tanty~ said...

From a far, it looks like they painted it with gold :)
Nice shot!

Peter said...

Must be a pecial feeling to live on the island of the Knights!

Denton said...

Interesting story behind your photo. When I first look it appeared the car was a police car protecting the tower. However, after clicking to enlarge the photo I see my imagination ran away with me.