Saturday, May 10, 2008

'il-Garigor' Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase made from stone which in Maltese is known as 'il-garigor' and are usually found in the older houses. They are however a trend amongst some and are being rebuild in modern houses.


Jane Hards Photography said...

hat a fabulous little twisting staircase. Beautiful light.

Anonymous said...

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* berzy * said...

In the early days of WW2, that is before Air Raid Shelters were dug in solid rock / limestone below street levels.

Many frightened people used to go hiding / taking shelter under these staircases.

That was during 1940. Quite a few people were buried under the crushed slabs of these stairs.

They were definetly not bomb-proof.

Anonymous said...

The staircase is perfect. I like the scene it sets too. Nice work.

Hilda said...

This spiral staircase is beautiful! Stone houses are lovely too—I'm glad they're going back to using it in the new houses there.

Sanctus Belle said...

These are truly beautiful, one of your best pictures yet.

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