Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ħamrun (or Il-Ħamrun) is a town in the Inner Harbour Region of Malta, with a population of 9,513 people (Nov 2005).

The villagers are traditionally known as Tas-Sikkina (literally meaning 'of the knife' or 'those who carry a knife') or as Ta' Werwer (which literally means 'those who scare' or more colloquially, 'the scary ones'). This appellation presumably stems from the trouble that the local football club, Hamrun Spartans, was known for or that a considerable number of Hamrunizi used to work as stevedores on the docks and thus carried a knife at all times.


Anonymous said...

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Sanctus Belle said...

The cars are all so small - is this typical in Malta?

Dina said...

sanctus, Malta is a very small island the norm average car is indeed small yes.