Monday, November 17, 2008

Manoel Theatre ' Teatru Manoel' - 'A let down!'

What a let down !! what a let down!! About a couple of weeks ago I have blogged some photos and information about the Manoel Theatre Yesterday was the much awaited day for my family to go and experience for the first time the theatre. We were there on time because on the back of the ticket there was written that late coming is simply not acceptable and one would have had to wait until the first available intermission to go in. So we were there half an hour early, kids very excited because they were going to watch this musical and they were going to sit in the balconies upstairs etc..etc..... To cut a long story short before we were due to go in the waitress told us that the show was cancelled!! yes my dear friends it was cancelled....... no prior notice nothing just cancelled because there was not enough audience for the 6pm show!! would you believe it?!! For your information there were 4 families in all waiting to go in. For me this is not a valid reason to cancel a show. How many of you bloggers out there have experienced this ???

Here is the advert that was shown on the online newspaper on the 28th of October, 2008.

Mudest is the name of a walking, talking, singing chess pawn, starring in the first production in Maltese for children to be staged at the Manoel Theatre next month.

Two years ago, the Manoel embarked on a new project to introduce a children's programme in their yearly schedule and have since put on four productions. Skakkumatt, the fifth, is the title of this year's show.

Skakkumatt tells the story of a young chess pawn manoeuvering his way along a chess board in a heroic battle for honour, glory and love. The story has been translated from French and will be narrated in Maltese by Theresa Gauci.

Manoel Theatre chairman Peter Fenech said the musical is an opportunity for children to learn through theatre and music. It is specifically aimed at families and children in primary and secondary schools, in the hope that theatre will be integrated in their scholastic calendar.

The original music is composed by Alexandre Gasparov who will also be conducting the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

The shows will take place on November 15 at 6 p.m. and November 16 at 4 and 6 p.m. For more information visit or e-mail

More disappointment on this event has been posted today by my friend Laetitia at (link here in my side bar as Malta Magic)


Hilda said...

OMG, Dina! That is sooo unprofessional of the theater group! No, we have never experienced it here and though Metro Manila is huge, in a lot of ways, it's also very small — especially regarding the speed with which news about something like this will spread. No theater group that wishes to continue performing will ever do that. Four families? That's what, a dozen people? The show should have gone on, especially since there were children! And if a performance had to be canceled last minute, it shouldn't have been a waitress (!!!) to break the news. The director, producer, manager, even the actors would have been fielded to try to convince the few people to accept a cancellation. AND we'd expect recompense even beyond the cost of the ticket! Sheesh.

I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experience with that theater group. That's completely unforgivable. I hope it got published in your local newspaper! I'm glad you blogged about it too. (Really too bad. The theater itself looks fabulous!)

Dina said...

Hilda, all in all we were approx. 16 people. We did get our money back for the tickets and complimentary tickets for next show, but we did not see the one we wanted! My friend and I are working on making this public.

Webradio said...

Hello Dina !

That's arriving here too, when there are not enough people...

Bad, but that's the life...

See You later !

Anonymous said...

That's awful! I've never experienced that before. Shame on them!!!

Joy said...

How disappointing! I think they should have still proceeded with the production. It's not fair to those who actually bought the ticket and showed up. I hope your next adventure to the theatre would be more fruitful.

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Kris McCracken said...

That's always so much fun when you have kids in tow!

They were lucky that building was left standing!