Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Come on, Come on and do the Locomotive with us..

Melita Trains earlier this year have introduced an ancient style locomotive that blends well with the historical environment of the villages of Mtarfa, Rabat and the outskirts closed city of Mdina. To add a nostalgic feature to the train, the inclusion of the classical bell is a must.

The train is designed to contain four units, the first of which is the locomotive. The other three units are not powered and consist of three separate carriages which have been created to give perfect ergonomics with extremely comfortable seating and high quality interiors.

The train is diesel powered and is produced in full respect of environmental protection laws and is distinguished by the particularly low noise level (EURO 4 standards).

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Unknown said...

We also have them on summer but I've never used them... I must do it next year to see where they take tourists.