Sunday, February 22, 2009

Straight lines and different angles.

I have recently discovered this blog and have been trying out some of the lessons. Since the other day I was down with my friend Laetitia at the Valletta waterfront, where we also took the photos I have posted yesterday, I also had the opportunity to take some shots showing straight lines however using different angles.


Hilda said...

What a wonderful building! The stone's gorgeous and the colors are so fun! So's your unusual angles — love it!
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SkyePuppy said...


I love these photos, especially the first one. Because the building looks like it's leaning forward, it seems to be saying, "Look at me!" The second building looks more suspicious, like it's backing away from a scary person.

Are you scary when you're armed with a camera?

Julie said...

beautiful compositions and perspectives. I want to travel to Malta as I have heard wonderful things about your city. I look forward to more photos to enjoy until I can visit.

Kris McCracken said...

Lovely colours, each unique. You have to like that!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I really like those!