Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bir Miftuh Chapel - Gudja

Gudja (English: Gudia) is a village in Malta with a population of 2,901 (Nov 2005). The village is located on a small hill south of the city of Valletta overlooking Malta International Airport.

Gudja also has a famous 500 year-old chapel of Bir Miftu─ž (which means "open well"). Bir Miftuh was already established as a parish prior to 1436 and so it is one of the first twleve parishes of the Maltese Islands. This chapel was built in around 1430 and is one of the best preserved examples of a fifteenth-century parish church in Malta. It has some interesting frescoes, the Chapel is free standing and shows a growing confidence in the handling of stone structures. It has a plain rectangular plan and measures about eleven by fourteen metres.

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Lowell said...

Again, I'm amazed at how old some of these buildings are and the fact that they are still standing.

Wonderful photo!