Saturday, May 16, 2009

'Hobza biz-zejt'

Translated this means : 'bread with oil'. Now this may sound a little strange for some of you , however to all the Maltese or to those of you out there who have been to our island and tried this it will bring images and an enjoyable taste of this local item.

So this ''hobz biz-zejt'' consists of thick slices of bread, best being either the maltese bread or the 'ftira' (as shown here) spread with either fresh tomato or tomato paste, topped with olives, tuna, capers, slices of raw onion, lettuce, salt , pepper and a good drizzle of olive oil.


Carin said...

Mmmm delicious! My mouth is watering. Mmmm

Copenhagen said...

I'd like to try it if I ever visit Malta.

B SQUARED said...

Sounds great. Be it tastes even better.