Saturday, September 26, 2009

Malta - Airshow

Taking part in this year's 17th edition of the Malta International Airshow, which will be held tomorrow and on Sunday are aircrafts from seven countries, with aircraft ranging from F-16 and Tornado fighters to the Harrier jump jet, a water bomber, and the SH60 helicopter used by the commander of the US Sixth Fleet.

This is US Airforce F-15.

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Leif Hagen said...

Good capture! Zoom, zoom!

Juniper said...

My son, thought he had died and gone to heaven, my husband took him to this on Saturday He LOVED it.

Suki said...

When I was a kid the airshow was an event which I always looked forward to. I had this fascination with planes (still got..) when I was a kid - I even dreamt of being a pilot when growing up but the science subjects(one of the pilot requirements at the time) were never my forte so I had to give up my dream.