Monday, October 16, 2006

Malta International Airport

Last Friday me and my friend went to the play area they have just opened at the malta international airport, it is situated upstairs where the viewing gallery is. We parents could have a cup of tea and the kids play also we could watch what's going on. This plane was getting ready to leave it was being loaded with the belongings of the passengers. I shall post a photo of the playing area tomorrow. Sorry for my delay today!!!!! had a technical problem with the phone line / internet!!!


Anonymous said...

Airport!! This Saturday I will be in the airport flying to my home country. I'm so exciting! Thanks Dina for showing this lovely plane :)

Dina said...

Tanty, I wish you and your family a safe trip and hope you have a wonderful time!!!

Gerald (SK14) said...

My son loves airports. He's never flown himself but we used to go over to Manchester Airport and he'd sit in the domestic terminal watching the planes come and go and while I read a book.
Then we'd get the bus back home.