Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Cake!!

Phew!! Finally we finished the cake and I must say I am so happy, relieved and pleased with the result. What do you think? Thanks once again for Laetitia's help.


~tanty~ said...

Wow! Beautiful and looks soo delicious. Thanks for the recipe Dina.

inspired said...

M m m m m , Magnifico, numero uno !!! mu-wa X

Beetle said...

So pretty cake just like the one who got the name on it...and FOR SURE! Finally, eating...hmmm yummy...but before I eat the slice of me,I want to say "Congratulation Isla on your communion"GOD bless you! kiss & hug

Alifan said...

Dina that is gorgeous....

* berzy * said...

Today is my big day
Its time to show my cake
Youv'e seen it in all stages
And loved A to Z

Here's the cake so nice and round,
With icing all around
I've put on decorations
To make my cake so bright!

A special day this Sunday
On the 27th of May
A day of celebration
We can call it Angels Day.


A lovely cake by Dina and Laetitia.

Hope you like the words.

Dina said...

Tanty, thanks and let me know if you like the recipe when you try it.

salems and beetle , thanks alot for your compliments.

Alifan, I am really glad you think it came good!!!

Berzy, nice one ! love the words!!

inspired said...

thank you v/much marie6 (*_*)
may God bless you little isla ..

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful cake and I would bet it really tasted good too.

Nice photograph of the cake.

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Martel said...

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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Greeaat !!! It looks gorgeous and I'm sure it's delicious too. Please keep a pieace :-)

talj said...

what a beautiful cake!! :o)

Ash said...

Wow - its beautiful and looks delish!

Cris said...

Beautiful!!! Congratulations, first communion is big celebration, the cake looks great!

Pat said...

That's just beautiful! I love it!

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Guelph Daily Photo

Bergson said...

Await me I arrive

* berzy * said...

Looking again at the cake.
I've just noticed the ribbon / (zigarella in Maltese) has the words My First Holy Communion engraved on it. Thats very cute.

Melinda said...

GORGEOUS! I used to do cake decorating for a living...this is fantastic!