Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I have just posted a photo of my dad on my other blog since yesterday was his 55th Birthday. I decided to keep with the portrait photo theme for today, so here is my friend Laetitia (also assistant photographer for this blog!) goofing around last week whilst we went shopping in Bay Street (photo shown on previous posts).

A Note: I have added a banner on my side bar for CarabottCats, for all of you cat lovers do feel free to visit this website, they have some beautiful cats.(A link is found on my dailylife blog )


Peter said...

My best regards to the smiling Laetitia... and to you!

marie6 said...

Hello to you too, Peter, hope you are well too, thanks.

Dick said...

And it is a very nice photo indeed, happy Laetitia