Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wied il- Buni - Birzebbuga

This photo was taken from the end part of the Birzebbuga seafront which is called "Wied il-Buni", looking towards pretty bay and some of the seafront buildings.


Dick said...

There are a lot of buildings on Malta.

Dina said...

dick, malta is full of buildings and unfortunately it is getting worse each year.

Peter said...

You can really imagine how these stones have been washed by water during thousands, millions (?) of years!

* berzy * said...

I can tell a few good stories about Wied il - Buni. I also have a few old photos of how the place looked. You are only showing a tiny part of Wied il - Buni.

There was a long ditch about one mile long and very deep. This seperated the main road and the rocky area which is shown in your picture.

One little story. During WW2 all of Wied il Buni was closed by barbed wire and it was a military area with guns along the sea shore. Also one section of it was used by servicemen for nude bathers / swimmers. The locals / civilians were not allowed in that area.

Ask some oldtimer at the village and they'll confirm my story.

Dina said...

Berzy, in one of my previous posts i have already shown a full picture of wied il-buni, here more i wanted to show the bathing area of wied il-buni. I never heard the story you mentioned here but will have to ask my mother in law maybe she knows about it too.

Anonymous said...

@berzy. I too can tell some stories about wied il-buni, since I'm one of the old timers you mentioned. Our family spent the war years in a street parallel to the ditch you mentioned. After the war was over and wied il-buni was accessible (I was 7 then), the ditch was an adventurous playground for us kids. We used to climb the stone walls, etc. There were also gunposts in wied il-buni which we used to piss and occasionally shit in. Some say that at night lovers used to go there to smooch.
After a while the ditch was cultivated and the farmer didn't like us running over his crops, so we kids decided to go somewhere else. But that's another story.
I'd love to get in touch with some Birzebbugian my age (72) especially someone who's got photos of that era.
Good luck to you all.
Walter James (now living in Germany)