Monday, January 28, 2008

Sightseeing Bus

This is a fun and also a new way to tour our island. I have seen these buses lately and always wanted to take a photo but was never at the right spot or at the right time. Last Saturday whilst in traffic I managed to take a shot.


* berzy * said...


Nice to see these open top coaches being used. They had to wait a long time to get Govt approval

Can you please tell me the location where you took this photo ?

Dina said...

Hi berzy, I have just passed the sliema front where the manoel island bridge is, on the way to Gzira.

* berzy * said...

I figured that it was the place you mentioned. My wife's family had a shop right at that spot. It was named JACK'S

Also while I was there in 1992 I rented a Mazda 121 from that location.