Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Sky ....

Friday is sky day. There is a Friday photo theme for sky pictures. Based out of WIGGERS WORLD BLOG I love taking pictures of the sky so I have decided to give this Friday theme a try.


Tom said...

Hello there Dina
Welcome to Sky Watch Friday (ha! it's now Sunday)
A warm welcome none the less. I hope you can make it each week, it is just a matter of calling and putting your link and name down each week. If at all possible call by a few others and say hello.
I know by the pictures in your collage that your pictures will get lots of comments. Of all the ones I see I like the fireworks best.. that is because I am awful at getting the best from my camera when taking suchpictures.. ha! maybe a lesson is just what I need.

Hopefully we will see you next week.
I post the link Thursday night after 20.00 hours GMT


Luiz Santilli Jr said...

It's interesting, differents posts, bautiful composition!

Nice colours also!

Have a good week!


Tom said...

I called back to see if you had any more comments... sorry to see only two this week... make sure you get your link in early.. then sit back and watch the comments fly in.