Monday, March 31, 2008

A nostalgic journey through its extensive history of warplanes and memorabilia was displayed this weekend at the Malta Aviation Musuem in Ta'Qali.

This included a display of military vehicles and scale models produced by the Society of Scale Modellers.
Exhibits such as the restored Spitfire and Hurricane fighters were among the major attractions, as was a 1944 model of the Tiger Moth, which is in the process of being rebuilt with spruce wood wings.

Another charming crowd-puller is the 1935 Flying Flea designed by Frenchman Henri Mignet; the first introduction to the concept of microlighting.

An old manual dating back to that period quotes Mignet as saying, "the plane can be built in the bedroom for less than £70. Any man who can nail a lid on a packaging case could construct his own airplane and anyone can teach himself to fly the flea easily, quickly and safely".

However, the Flying Flea was not so easy to master and an old cartoon depicts people stuck in trees, a flying man attempting to read the manual, and a plane nose-diving into the sea.

Since there are many photos to post I will dedicate this week for the Malta Aviation Museum.

Photos all taken by Laetitia.


Peter said...

Nice, nice!!

The plane on the first pic looks like a Dakota / DC3 (I'm not an expert). I traveled in some..., they were still standard passenger planes when I started flying.

Dina said...

Peter, glad you like this post.

Unknown said...

very nice shots, I look forward to seeing more shots of the museum.
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* berzy * said...

I have enjoyed your pictures.

Thanks to you and Latitia

About the little baby FIAT car in maroon colour.

Back in 1946 when I was an apprentice with the RAF my boss / the workshop foreman Mr Fenech of Balluta Malta had one of these cars. That was shortly after WW2 ended and to have / own a car at time it was something special.