Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas in Valletta

Would you like to order Christmas flowers or cards? well you can from this kiosk and send them where ever you like in the world.


Isabel said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Nadine,

I love the main picture at the top - brings back a lot of fun memories. Hope that you all are doing well.


PeterParis said...

I feel that the number of Xmas cards is dramatically decreasing... e-mails have replaced! Are you still sending many?

Unknown said...

Christmas on a warm and cozy island :-)

Dina said...

Hi Michael, that photo does bring back a lot of fun memories!! Glad you like it.

Peter, I like to send christmas cards and enjoy it when I receive one and hang it up on the wall.

Herman, we are having some very cold weather at the moment. The thing about cold weather in Malta is different from the lower temperatures in the northern hemisphere because we are a small island the humidity is high and when the temperatures are low the cold feels differently. It's like you can never get warm enough no matter how much clothes you put on. You feel the cold in the bones!! Also our houses are not equipped with central heating so they are rather cold in the winter.

Anonymous said...

lots of beautiful flowers