Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'FUL' - Broad Beans

In continuation with yesterday's photo here is a photo (still have more to post) of the Xemxija Valley area. This particular field had 'Ful' green broad beans.

Broad beans have a long tradition of cultivation in old world agriculture, being among the most ancient plants in cultivation and also among the easiest to grow.

Interesting Health issues about the broad beans

Broad beans are rich in L-dopa, a substance used medically in the treatment of Parkinson' disease. L-dopa is also a nutrient agent which might help in controlling hypertension. Some also use fava beans as a natural alternative to drugs like Viagra, citing a link between L-dopa production and the human libido. It is also said that in parts of the world the elders generally restrict the young children from eating them raw (when unmatured) because they can cause constipation and jaundice like symptoms.

For more interesting information about these beans just google green broad beans and check them out on wikipedia etc...


Unknown said...

That was an interesting item, I wasn't aware of all this. I googled "green broad beans" and also for the pictures. I recognized them as n Dutch so called "Big Toes" :-)

Isabel said...

Mu mother says they're good for pregnant women too!!!