Monday, April 27, 2009

Strawberry Festival at Mgarr

This was the third edition of the Strawberry Festival held in Mgarr, Malta. Yesterday Mgarr Square was full of activities for 'Festa Frawli' (strawberry feast).

The activity was organised by the local council and the Resources Ministry.

There was brisk business at stalls selling freshly picked strawberries and gourmet dishes such as strawberry risotto and strawberries with novel dressings.

Drinks included a variety of refreshing smoothies, milk shakes as well as strawberry wine.

Taking part were folk dancers and singers and other local talent.


~tanty~ said...

One of my favorite's fruits.
I like the way you took the photo :)

marie6 said...

Strawberry wine??? Sounds delicious, shame I missed that!

Unknown said...

This photo reminds me of one of my favorite dishes, strawberries with whole milk and sugar:-)

Dina said...

Tanty, I love strawberries too and so do my kids, at the moment every day after school I wash and cut strawberries and fill a bowl for each and they love the freshness of them.

Marie 6, that's what I thought too, infact I would love to try this strawberry wine.

Christopher R L, strawberries whole milk and sugar remind me of my childhood as this is how my mother used to prepare them for us.