Saturday, May 29, 2010

Malta Maritime museum - Birgu

The Malta Maritime Museum is housed within the Old Naval bakery in Vittoriosa, it drafts Malta’s maritime history which is tightly bound to Mediterranean Sea. It also illustrates the global nature of seafaring and its impact on society from July 1992[1].
The museum houses numerous artefacts highlighting different epochs, shaping Maltese seafaring trough paint, charts, evidence and sea technology evolution. So it shows Malta’s maritime history from prehistory to the present day[2]

Presently, the museum covers over 2,000 sq. m., some 30 per cent of the total floor area available. An ongoing building rehabilitation and restoration programme is linked with the opening of the new hall or sections devoted to specific maritime themes or chronological periods. After the museum’s inauguration in 1992 by means of a hall of 600 sq. m, another 800 sp. M. hall was inaugurated in November 2000 dedicated entirely to the Royal Navy in Malta. The former hall was then dedicated to the Order of St. John period. In October 2003, another section was opened spread over two levels of 250 sq. m. each dedicated to marine engineering. Five smaller halls and sections are devoted to ancient shipping, navigation, the merchant navy, Maltese traditional boats, and Maltese customs and water police. These are just token displays of the museum’s collection on the subjects, which will eventually move to larger halls when rehabilitation and restoration works are completed. Other halls would be dedicated to port facilities, maritime-related sports, and the Armed Forces of the Malta Maritime Squadron.


Unknown said...

how come no mention is made about wheelchair access or toilets for the disabled!

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Oh come on!