Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boats, Yacht Marina Ta'Xbiex # 2

This is one nice boat. I wouldn't mind spending a Sunday afternoon cruising around on one of these!


Anonymous said...

I like your photograph a lot. It is a very modern looking boat and the cost would probably be in the million dollar range.

Now look at the garbage hanging on the sides. Isn't it amazing that the most expensive boats still have to hang trashy looking things like that on the sides? It looks like some smart guy would create something a lot neater and nicer.

Unknown said...

A big and nice boat. We have many boats too here :)
Lovely photo Dina.

inspired said...

wow wouldn't mind cursing in the ugly bird though ;o]

Jilly said...

Could be in Monte Carlo. We often say, don't we? - how alike Malta is to the south of France.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Yes! :)
This is a boat we would like to have, really no kidding we were seaching for a long time for boats but ehhhhhhh Too expensive, So now I like to look at them by photo's such as you made today:)

I keep it 'As a dream':)

JoAnn :)

marie6 said...

Abe - Those trashy looking things have a very good reason for being there, they are called "fenders",and these are hung on the side of boats so that if the boat bangs against another boat, it won't get damaged!

Peter said...

Like junior, I think I prefer the "pirate boat"!

Thanks merie6, I also thought that Abraham's remark this time was a mistake (or a joke?)!

Dina said...

marie, like Peter I thought Abe's remark was a joke.

jilly, we have some pretty looking boats here and some of them come from a long way too, as we where strolling down the marina we could see the registration names and there was uk, new zealand, usa, sweeden, australia and sure there where more on the other side.

tanty, glad to see you back

joann, yes they are pretty expensive, some of them are bigger than my home :)

inspired, me neither

Peter, I think i do as a look prefer the pirate boats but when it comes to speed and lux and comfort i think i will go for the new ones ;)