Monday, September 24, 2007

Is summer coming to a close?

I must admit that today's posting idea came to me when i visited Tanty's blog at Stavanger (link to her site from my side bar links)


~tanty~ said...

Hehehe ... thanks Dina :)
I can say that summer is really gone now.
Lovely sand beach by the way :)

Peter said...

So there is an end to summer on Malta?

Anonymous said...

Where are the people? Summer is gone but where did the people go?

Dina said...

Tanty, glad you like the beach,

Peter, after a long long wait yes we do have an end to our summer,

Abe, the day I took the photo the beach was not crowded as you can see but there were people swimming, us we just went there to play.

Sanctus Belle said...

I find it hard to believe summer ever ends there! What, does it get down to 70F? :)

Dina said...

sanctus, because Malta is a small island our winters tend to get very humid and cold , the norm cold for us would be 11 , 12, we do rarely get lower but not so much.