Saturday, July 28, 2007

Masonry 3

This is mostly for Abraham Lincoln, I hope you can see where the coving was placed just below the ceiling and that this photo is better than yesterday's. I took this from the upstairs landing and Joe made the coving for the curved wall facing me when I was taking this pic.


marie6 said...

The piece Joe made is just above the window.

marie6 said...

I'd like to add my thanks to the following bloggers as I was in a rush earlier and only had time to post my photo for today.
Abe: hope you like today's photoand thank you again for your encouraging comments.
gmg, peter, northbayphoto: thank you so much for your compliments.
ruth: thanks for your offer, Joe said he'll gladly take you up on it as we love visiting England and would be happy to help out with any odd jobs! Hope my best friend Lisa from Grimsby doesn't see this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all of this effort for my sake. I can see it now and I really appreciate it a lot. It is a lot of work but it is very well done and you have a talented husband.

And thanks for coming by and reminding me. I was photograping the big air show part of today and just got home. As it was the show was pretty much restricted due to low clouds and the only thing I got pictures of was the Brazilian Air Force putting on a formation flight. It was neat but no sun, low clouds and fast flying.


Sanctus Belle said...

Your husband is very talented!

RUTH said...

Thanks marie and Joe; I'll starting making a list up...LOL
I loved your curved wall btw.

Olivier said...

Bravo, le travail est superbe

Cheer, work is superb

Peter said...

A wonderful job in what seems to be beautfiful home! (Must have been diffcult for Joe with the stairs and everything!)